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  • V.V.N.P.™: Skin and Scalp Care Featuring Bodybuilding Stacks

    Posted on August 17th, 2010 ElsomResearch No comments

    V.V.N.P.™ is our newly-released cream with fast-acting, strong, visible effects on large and deep skin wrinkles and for scalp stimulation. Many of our shoppers received and enjoyed free samples of the V.V.N.P.™ prototype with their purchases during our six-month evaluation period for V.V.N.P.™; we are happy to now offer this innovative cream for sale to everyone.

    V.V.N.P. with bodybuilder stacks for strong skincare

    Buy V.V.N.P. from Elsom Research at New Equilibrium Skincare

    V.V.N.P.™ is constructed with stacks of critical ingredients from the nutraceuticals arena; these are particularly valued by bodybuilders and provide unique and powerful nourishment to the skin and scalp. State-of-the-art vehicles are used with these ingredients to facilitate absorption in a form for the skin to utilize.

    Ingredients include stacks such as glycine and ethyl glycine and dimethyl glycine [DMG] and trimethyl glycine [betaine], L-arginine and ethyl arginine, L-lysine and ethyl lysine, and the combinations of ethyl carnitine and ethyl tyrosine.  V.V.N.P.™ also contains the high-absorbing form of ascorbic acid [ascorbyl palmitate], the fluidizer dimethyl isosorbide [DMI], and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), gamma aminobutyric acid [GABA], pyroglutamate [PCA], dimethylethanolamine [DMAE] and choline chloride; it is formulated with the skin-friendly protectants panthenol and docosanol. In addition, the special combination of arginine-pyroglutamate-lysine is reputed to have pro-GH activity in food supplements. Our unique formulation and vehicles make this combination very powerful.

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