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  • This is a Great Time to Re-Order!

    Posted on September 11th, 2011 ElsomResearch No comments

    Elsom Research is planning a much-needed company-wide hiatus for the entire month of October 2011. In the past, as announced in this blog, our Web sites have had some outages but we were always busy here, taking retail orders by other means, formulating and manufacturing custom batches, and generally keeping our equipment, minds, and schedule fully occupied. However, some things just can’t be accomplished while maintaining business as usual; as we prepare to begin 2012 as our 15th year in business, we’ve decided to shut down completely for a few weeks.

    We will accept orders through September 20, 2011; before we begin our October break, we will ship all orders received by that deadline. After that, we will be unavailable until November 5, 2011, when we we will re-activate New Equilibrium Skincare (for retail sales) and The Formulator (for custom micro-batch formulation) and resume our consulting, formulation, and manufacturing processes for custom and private-label batches.

    If you are just about to run out of your favorite skincare or scalpcare cosmeceuticals, right now is the perfect time to order a little more. By the time that order starts to run low in November, we’ll be back and ready to ship your next order with our usual promptness, attention to detail, and innovative touches.

    When we come back from this break, we’ll have renewed energy and great ideas, ready to turn into amazing cosmeceuticals for you. Watch this blog for those announcements!

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