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  • LipoRestore with Olive Squalane: for the Skin Barrier

    Posted on August 2nd, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    The skin acts as a protective barrier against environmental insults on the body. However, the skin itself is not exempt from such environmental insults and its barrier activity is diminished as it is constantly exposed to the elements. Detergents and pollution work on the same side when it comes to undermining the skin’s ability to act as a barrier. One of the most important molecules which improves and can replenish the skin barrier is cholesterol, a molecule which is usually of bad reputation when it comes to general health. In many cases, this reputation is unjustified, especially in the case of protecting the skin barrier. Squalene, an important precursor in cholesterol biosynthesis,  has been noted for its usefulness in improving the skin barrier; in its saturated form as squalane, it is more stable and very fluid as compared with cholesterol; it is also extremely mosturizing. The problem with squalane is that it is commonly extracted from shark oil, which is not something most people will want to apply to their skins on a daily basis. In LipoRestore™, our Skincare of the Month for July 2009, we use squalane which is extracted from olive oil, a more appealing source although it is also more expensive.  While olive oil itself has a strong aroma, the squalene extract is odorless, making it a very pleasant ingredient in skincare.

    With our LipoRestore™ cream, rich in olive squalane, the restoration of skin lipids is quite rapid and can be noticed on first application. The long-term effects are great-looking moisturized skin with dimished appearance of pores and lines and a healthy-feeling texture and appearance.  LipoRestore™ is designed to leave a light texture on top of the skin and makes overworked, hard, and scaly skin smooth and flexible again.  LipoRestore™ can be applied to the face or to any area of the body. If you put it on your hands you will notice immedietly that fingers which were stiff and almost “frozen” due to the pulling of their dry skin become flexible and you can suddenly bend them with relative ease.

    LipoRestore: for the Skin Barrier

    LipoRestore: for the Skin Barrier

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