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  • Hue-2, companion to Micellarin Hue, now sold separately and in Care Kit for Grey Hair

    Posted on January 13th, 2010 ElsomResearch No comments

    When we introduced Micellarin Hue™ shampoo in June 2009, we expanded our line of scalp and hair care formulations to directly address an important process: hair’s changes in color and texture. In response to stress, illness, aging, or other factors, some people lose their hair; for other people, hair is not lost but becomes brittle and loses its color. Of course, many people experience both kinds of changes, losing some hair and having the remaining hair lose its color, turning grey or white. Our Micellarin™ shampoos provide excellent scalp cleaning and enhanced hair fullness, no matter how your hair may be changing; with added botanical extracts of bhringraj [Eclipta alba], Micellarin Hue™ also provides a hue-enhancing effect for colorless grey hair.

    To strengthen and enhance the effect of Micellarin Hue™ shampoo on white, grey, and greying hair, we are now offering a leave-in lotion, Hue-2™, as a companion product. Like Micellarin Hue™ shampoo, Hue-2™ lotion is rich in bhringraj and other beneficial ingredients; however, while a shampoo is meant to be fully rinsed after brief contact with scalp and hair, Hue-2™ lotion can be applied after shampooing and then left in place for as long as you wish.

    The table below lists the key ingredients of both Micellarin Hue™ shampoo and its companion lotion, Hue-2™.

    Micellarin Hue™
    Anti-Aging Shampoo for Greying Hair

    Micellarin Hue Anti-Grey Shampoo

    Hair Hue Enhancing/Thickening Lotion

    Hue-2 Leave-in Hair Hue Enhancing Lotion

    • bhringraj extract
      [Eclipta alba]
    • gamma amino butyric acid
    • L-tyrosine
    • cupric chloride
    • jojoba oil
      [Simmondsia chinensis] as micelles
    • sodium C12-C14 alkyl sulfonate
    • cocamidopropyl betaine
    • cetostearol
    • sodium potassium lactate
    • salicylic acid
    • sodium malate
    • bhringraj extract
      [Eclipta alba]
    • docosanol
    • ascorbyl palmitate
      [Vitamin C]
    • horsetail extract
      [Equisetum arvense]
    • L-carnitine
    • D-1,3 beta glucan
    • sodium PCA
    • choline bitartrate
    • resveratrol
      [Polygonum cuspidatum]
    • L-tyrosine
    • gamma amino butyric acid
    • polygyceryl oleate
    • hexacopolymer
    • L-lysine
    • essential oil of nutmeg
      [Myristica fragrans]
    • riboflavin
      [Vitamin B2]
    • folic acid

    In combination, use Micellarin Hue™ Shampoo and Hue-2™ Lotion to:

    • reduce hair greyness
    • increase hair thickness
    • increase hair brightness
    • darken hair color
    • intensify hair hue within the rainge of your natural hair color

    To encourage use of these two formulations as a synergistic pair, we are offering special savings when Micellarin Hue™ and Hue-2™ are purchased together: our Grey Hair Care Kit, containing both the shampoo and the leave-in lotion, saves $7 compared to purchasing those two items separately.

    Care Kit for Grey Hair: $7 savings!

    Care Kit for Grey Hair: $7 savings!

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    please check our “Kits, Sets, Package Deals” listings every time you visit our cosmeceuticals store.

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