New Equilibrium Cosmeceuticals from Elsom Research Innovative Biotechnologies
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  • Available Again!

    Posted on February 18th, 2011 ElsomResearch No comments

    We thank you for your patience and invite you to return to shopping online for retail skincare and cosmeceuticals in our store at As before, you can select your items and purchase them online by credit card via Google Checkout or Checkout by Amazon; you can also pay by mailing us a check or money order.

    We expected that, while our store was being redeveloped, the volume of retail sales would slow to a trickle and we might have some peace and quiet to focus on our product development and batch production projects; as it turns out, we were quite busy filling retail orders from long-standing customers who knew what they wanted and didn’t mind the extra trouble of emailing a request and paying by a Google Checkout invoice. We were pleasantly surprised by that determined enthusiasm for our formulations, and we very much appreciate everyone’s flexibility and loyalty.

    As we do for all our projects and products,we continuously improve our store. We have more ideas about making your shopping experience smoother and easier, but you can already see a few useful improvements in, including:

    • If we offer a product in multiple sizes or with options for different skin types, all the variations of the product are listed on the same page so you can easily compare and choose.
    • Product information pages offer “previous” and “next” buttons so you can easily browse our entire catalog.
    • Product category pages offer an “Items starting with” pulldown so you can quickly jump to the product names starting with a specific letter of the alphabet.
    • A highly-visible Shopping Cart icon is displayed at the top of every page so you can begin the checkout process at any time.
    • The shopping cart page offers an “estimate shipping” button so you can predict your shipping costs prior to checking out with Amazon or Google.

    We hope you will enjoy these and other improvements, as well as the many more we have planned for the near future.

    Happy Shopping!

  • Skincare of the Month Shipped!

    Posted on October 19th, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    Our Skincare of the Month for September 2009 is on its way to qualifying shoppers. Details will follow here very soon. Thank you for your patience!