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  • The-Formulator Returns!

    Posted on March 23rd, 2011 ElsomResearch No comments

    After an extended vacation, is back at work and ready to take your orders for custom micro-batch formulations.

    As always, you can use The-Formulator to select from several Elsom Research formulation technologies and choose your favorites from a wide variety of ingredients, including base oils, essential oils, precious oils, botanicals, vitamins, actives, and encapsulates. You control the price of your skincare, as you can see the cost of each available ingredient and decide whether you wish to include it. Using the technology and ingredients of your choice, plus a few tricks of our own, we will create a 2 ounce (55 gram) bottle of your special skincare formulation and ship it to you.

    With this revision, you can do some things with The-Formulator that were never possible before. For example, if you make your choices and decide you would like to buy 10 bottles of your special formulation, you are now able to do that. Also, you can now buy multiple formulations in a single purchase, so if you are interested in trying one custom micro-batch as a nano-emulsion and another as a simple emollient, you can buy them both at the same time. You may find other interesting innovations, too; keep visiting The-Formulator to see our continuous improvements.

    We’ve also changed the way payments are processed for The-Formulator only. When you place your order, you will see the full cost of your formulation(s), including any applicable tax and shipping charges. If that price is acceptable to you, complete the checkout process; you won’t be asked for your credit card information at that time. Instead, after we receive your order we will respond by sending you a Google Checkout invoice, which you can pay online via credit card. If you prefer to pay by mailing us a check or money order, you can do that, too, as always.

    Now that is online again, we invite you to visit the site frequently as we continue to expand the list of available ingredients.

  • NanoReversitol: Beyond Resveratrol!

    Posted on October 21st, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    NanoReversitol™, our Skincare of the Month for September 2009, completing our one-year commitment to the SkincareOf TheMonth program, is an anti-aging cream suitable for all kinds of skin and all areas of skin. It can be massaged into facial skin as well as into scalp. The product’s name is a play on the name of one of its key ingredients, resveratrol, which has acquired a strong reputation for anti-aging effects. Combined with our formulation technologies and additional ingredients supporting skin health, NanoReversitol™ is an important new development in anti-aging skincare.

    Reversing the aging process is one of the oldest quests of humanity since the dawn of of civilization. Progress is being made, but slowly, and with relapses along the road. While only a few centuries ago the average life expectancy of people was about 40 years, it has now doubled because of better understanding of the mechanisms of life, better nutrition, better awareness of hygiene, a good arsenal for fighting microbe-mediated diseases, and an ever-expanding solidity of scientifically-backed treatments for many diseases. However, the human life span (as opposed to life expectancy) has not changed. There were always individuals who lived longer than a hundred years and no one was ever documented to live longer than 130 years. Increased life span is not the same as increased life expectancy. While life expectancy aims at increasing the chances for people to live up to their given potential, increasing life span is still an elusive challenge. This is the challenge of pushing the theoretical limitation of life expectancy to a new range. If people can now live up to about a hundred years if they do everything right and are not visited by unexpected disasters, it may be possible in the near future to aim at 200 years of life under optimal conditions.

    It is too early to judge what changes are affecting life expectancy and what can actually affect life span. However, as the largest organ in the body, the skin the the most likely target to affect the entire body in medicinal regimens. Our products are not medicinal but they are based on sound science and in some aspects, including their diversity and ingenuity, are superior to medicinal products.  NanoReversitol™ is now our Skincare Of The Month but it may very well prove to be the skincare of the decade (to keep it modest) and is definitely the most innovative and broad range anti-aging product of its time.

    We have priced this product significantly below its value to allow more people access to its benefits. We encourage you to take this opportunity and try this new and special product: NanoReversitol™ and start all over again.

    The product contains many other unusually luxurious and extremely expensive ingredients, as well as some other important ingredients, which you can see in the list below. NanoReversitol™ is formulated as a light oil-in-water type nano-emulsion. Due to requests by some customers to formulate a product which lasts longer on the skin but does not  compromise our unique edge of fast and deep penetration of active ingredients, this cream will deliver the active ingredients deep into the skin while maintaining a protective fraction on the skin for people who don’t only wish their skin to be moisturized but want to feel the moisturizer at work.

    Featured Ingredients:

    • rice bran oil [Oryza sativa]
    • sodium PCA
    • isosorbide (dimethyl)
    • panthenol [pro-Vitamin B5]
    • cetostearol
    • glyceryl stearate
    • glycerol
    • resveratrol [Polygonum cuspidatum]
    • ascorbyl palmitate [oil-soluble Vitamin C]
    • L-lysine [amino acid, protein building block]
    • isonicotinamide
    • essential oil of cedar [Cedrus atlantica]
    • adenosine
    • essential oil of petitgrain [Citrus aurantium]
    • kinetin [plant growth factor]
    • ethyl pyruvate
    • essential oil of rosemary [Rosmarinus officinalis]
    • zinc sulfate
    • essential oil of clove [Eugenia caryophyllus]
    • essential oil of cinnamon [Cinnamomum cassia]
    • cholecalciferol [Vitamin D3]

    NanoReversitol™ is a glossy, white cream with a fresh aroma that is the natural combination of the essentials oils with which it was formulated.

    NanoReversitol™ is available in two sizes: 55 gr (2.0 oz) and 20 gr (0.7 oz).

    We have big ideas for the future of our Skincare of the Month project now that it has completed its first year. Keep watching the blog for announcements!

  • EquiDerm to Even Skin Texture of People with Cellulite

    Posted on September 1st, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    Application of EquiDerm™ will improve the appearance of uneven skin texture such as cellulite; some of the ingredients in this product are linked to lipid metabolism. Use twice daily and in a few weeks your skin will look significantly more even. Even scars will appear somewhat less bulging.

    Uneven skin texture is a very common aspect of different metabolic rates in different regions of the skin. Cellulite is an example of uneven skin texture which is reflected by different thicknesses of fatty layers under the skin. In scalp, such problems are not as visible as with cellulite on the thighs or other body parts. However, many skin disorders including pattern balding reflect different metabolic expressions which are also linked to different activity rates in lipid metabolism in various scalp regions. However, correlations between patterns of lipid metabolism and patterns of balding are not established at this time.

    Ingredients in EquiDerm™’s highly-concentrated formulation include:

    • Nanosomes™
    • U-Fucoidan [U-Fn]
    • raspberry ketone
    • ascorbyl palmitate
    • mowrah butter [Madhuca latifolia]
    • benzoin extract [Styrax benzoin]
    • pink grapefruit oil [Citrus paradisi]

    With EquiDerm™, our Skincare of the Month project approaches completion; the September product will be our grand finale for this challenging one-year project.

    For the year that the Skincare of the Month project has been underway, our policy has been to provide each new month’s free skincare to shoppers who made qualifying purchases in the two preceding months; for example, this August Skincare of the Month is on its way to those who made purchases in June and July. As a special offer, celebrating the completion of our twelve-month commitment, we will include September shoppers in this free program: we will of course ship the September Skincare of the Month to those who made qualifying purchases in July and August (the two preceding months); we will also ship it to every customer who makes a qualifying purchase anytime during the month of September.

    Because this is our grand finale we urge all consumer who did not make qualifying purchases during the months of July and August to take advantage of this special offer and make a qualifying purchase from our cosmeceuticals store or our custom micro-batch formulator this month! Whatever you are going to purchase, the September SkincareOfTheMonth is most likely going to outvalue it so that your free gift will probably be of higher value than your paid purchase. For now we hope that you will enjoy EquiDerm™, our August SkincareOfTheMonth, which is now shipping to all qualified customers.

    EquiDerm for Even Skin Texture

    EquiDerm for Even Skin Texture

  • LipoRestore with Olive Squalane: for the Skin Barrier

    Posted on August 2nd, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    The skin acts as a protective barrier against environmental insults on the body. However, the skin itself is not exempt from such environmental insults and its barrier activity is diminished as it is constantly exposed to the elements. Detergents and pollution work on the same side when it comes to undermining the skin’s ability to act as a barrier. One of the most important molecules which improves and can replenish the skin barrier is cholesterol, a molecule which is usually of bad reputation when it comes to general health. In many cases, this reputation is unjustified, especially in the case of protecting the skin barrier. Squalene, an important precursor in cholesterol biosynthesis,  has been noted for its usefulness in improving the skin barrier; in its saturated form as squalane, it is more stable and very fluid as compared with cholesterol; it is also extremely mosturizing. The problem with squalane is that it is commonly extracted from shark oil, which is not something most people will want to apply to their skins on a daily basis. In LipoRestore™, our Skincare of the Month for July 2009, we use squalane which is extracted from olive oil, a more appealing source although it is also more expensive.  While olive oil itself has a strong aroma, the squalene extract is odorless, making it a very pleasant ingredient in skincare.

    With our LipoRestore™ cream, rich in olive squalane, the restoration of skin lipids is quite rapid and can be noticed on first application. The long-term effects are great-looking moisturized skin with dimished appearance of pores and lines and a healthy-feeling texture and appearance.  LipoRestore™ is designed to leave a light texture on top of the skin and makes overworked, hard, and scaly skin smooth and flexible again.  LipoRestore™ can be applied to the face or to any area of the body. If you put it on your hands you will notice immedietly that fingers which were stiff and almost “frozen” due to the pulling of their dry skin become flexible and you can suddenly bend them with relative ease.

    LipoRestore: for the Skin Barrier

    LipoRestore: for the Skin Barrier

  • Facial Cleanser with Emollient Technology

    Posted on June 30th, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    NanoSoft™ Emollient Facial Cleanser, our Skincare of the Month for June 2009,  is a gentle and effective low-foaming cleanser featuring:

    • active Nanosomes
    • monoglycerides [stearyl glycerol]
    • potassium lactate [pH-balanced lactic acid]
    • essential oil of frankincense [Boswellia carteri].

    Shoppers have asked for it for years. We’ve been working on it, but making something special rather than just an ordinary face wash has taken some time. NanoSoft™ is at last a high-technology daily cleanser that is worthy of membership in our New Equilibrium line of cosmeceuticals.

    Buy NanoSoft Emollient Facial Cleanser at!

    Buy NanoSoft Emollient Facial Cleanser at!

  • Cooling Cream Features Aloe and Cucumber

    Posted on June 3rd, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    Aloe-AHH™, our Skincare of the Month for May 2009, is a cooling cream for minor burns, scratches, insect bites, and other irritations. The botanicals in Aloe-AHH™, including several traditionally used to soothe minor distress from sunburn and cooking burns, are:

    • aloe vera [Aloe barbadensis]
    • sesame oil [Sesamum indicum]
    • extracts of potato [Solanum tuberosum], cucumber [Cucumis sativus], and lettuce [Lactuca scariola sativa],
    • essential oils of petitgrain [Citrus aurantium] and lavender [Lavandula angustifolia]

    Aloe-AHH™ is part of our lotion-potion family of simple skincare and, like other lotion-potion formulations, is rich in Vitamin C. For a full list of ingredients, plus a short poem, please visit the Aloe-AHH™ product information page at

    Buy Aloe-AHH to cool and soothe over-exposed skin.

    Buy Aloe-AHH to cool over-exposed skin.

    (PS: our webmaster seems to think that defending her dissertation last week meant it was OK to delay announcing Aloe-AHH™ until this week…how these bizarre ideas came to Dr. Rose, we will never know!)

  • Nano-Meláno Skin Cream for Dark Spots

    Posted on April 30th, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    Our April Skincare of the Month may have reached some of you by now: it’s Nano-Meláno™, our latest development for uneven skin coloration such as age spots and freckles. As usual, shoppers whose purchases in February and March qualified them for the April Skincare of the Month received this new cream free of charge; for everyone else, it is now available for sale in our cosmeceuticals shop in a 20gr (0.7oz) jar for $45.00.

    Nano-Meláno™ is an extremely powerful formulation addressing issues of uneven skin coloration, reducing the appearance of dark spots on skin and improving the appearance of an even and bright skin tone.

    Featured ingredients are:

    • phosphatidylcholine (as Nanosomes™)
    • kojic palmitate [melanin inhibitor, from mushrooms]
    • MCT oil [medium chain triglycerides, from coconut oil]
    • sodium potassium lactate [alpha hydroxy]
    • ascorbyl palmitate [oil-soluble Vitamin C]

    Nano-Meláno™ differs from its sister product, ChromaTone™, in two important ways:

    • Nano-Meláno™ is formulated with a nanosomal base
    • Nano-Meláno™ has a higher percentage of the active, kojic palmitate

    We recommend ChromaTone™ for long-term maintenance. Nano-Meláno™ may prove most effective for the initial care phase for irregular skin coloration.

    Nano-Melano Skin Cream for Aging Spots

    Click Here to Buy Nano-Meláno!

  • Does this look blue to you?

    Posted on March 31st, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    Blue-Shadow™, our Skincare of the Month for March 2009, is on its way to qualified shoppers. This light cream is designed to address puffiness and dark shadows around the eyes.

    Visit Skincare of the Month to read more about the synergistic ingredients in Blue-Shadow™

    Under-eye cream for puffiness and dark shadows.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Posted on March 23rd, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    Every day, we make a point of finding something to improve.  Some improvements are major innovations; others are just slow, steady progress on long-running projects. Some days we improve several things. Some improvements are only visible to us. Today, we have two good improvements to announce:

    • We have updated the product information page for Micellarin Green Shampoo to list the ingredients in our latest and greatest scalp-stimulating, botanical-rich batch. We’ve added some essential oils, and rearranged some structural ingredients; we like the fabulously-aromatic result, and we think you will like it, too. For botanical ingredients (extracts and essential oils) in the shampoo, we now give both common English names (such as ginger root) and INCI names (such as Zingiber officinale), which we hope will make it easier for our shoppers world-wide to recognize their favorite ingredients; this is how we identify ingredients at The-Formulator, and our plan is to continue adding INCI names to product information pages for our stock retail formulations as we revise and improve them.
    • By popular demand, we have published a photograph of the contents of our Scalp Renewal Regimen Kits. You can see the photograph at the product sales page for both the Men’s Scalp Renewal and Women’s Scalp Renewal Kits. We may change the packaging at any time, but this gives you the idea: it’s a great price on a six-month supply of high-technology scalpcare formulations designed to work synergistically together.

    Watch this blog for future announcements about improvements, big and small!

  • Neo-Knee: Softening the Rough Skin of Elbow, Knee, and Heel

    Posted on February 26th, 2009 ElsomResearch No comments

    Neo-Knee™, our Skincare of the Month for February 2009, has been shipped for free to qualified customers and is available for sale now in our cosmeceuticals store.

    Neo-Knee, for rough skin of elbow, knee, heel